My sweet little baby all tucked up inside,mocklayeredbluewhitewhite

My heart and my smile just beaming with pride.

No one can feel you, no one but me,

Your beautiful face I just can’t wait to see.

Will you look like daddy? Will you have his eyes?

Those first few moments form lifelong ties.

This bond that through life can never be broken,

Just a look, a glace, no words need spoken.

But now I feel you kick and I hold my bump tight,

Longing for the day, praying it’s alright.

I know it won’t be easy we’ve a tough road ahead,

You’ll get no sleep; you’ll be tired they said.

But I don’t care at all, I couldn’t love you more,

That overwhelming love that forms deep in my core.

I’m so excited to meet you, to become your mummy,

But for now I’ll just enjoy sitting here rubbing my huge tummy!


By Kerry Brown