Prima Baby Awards 2016 – Shortlisted!

We’ve been Shortlisted!12247895_1093108324035238_7624884929466518637_o

It’s been a very busy year for Elizabeth Brown Maternity. Since launching last September we have added new lines, expanded the size options for our trousers, launched ourselves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, were a nominated finalist in the Mumpreneur Awards 2015 and are now we are delighted to be shortlisted in the prestigious Prima Baby Awards 2016!

So what are the Prima Baby Awards?

Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine Awards reveal the best products and services in the baby and parenting industry, based on a panel of specialist (and very tough) experts, ‘Made For Mums’ and Prima Baby reader reviews and votes.

There are 82 categories of everything parenting related, including buggies, car seats, cots and carriers, as well as lifestyle products, beauty buys and fashion brands.

Maternity Fashion Range Category

We are extremely pleased to have been shortlisted and are one of four companies in the Maternity Fashion Range.  Each company offers their own unique maternity products, however unlike the others, we offer all of our range in sizes up to plus size 26-28. The shortlisted companies are: Elizabeth Brown Maternity, Seraphine, Tiffany Rose, Verbaudet.

Find our More

You can visit the Made For Mums page below to find our more information on the Prima Baby Awards 2016. 


We will find out the results of this years Prima Baby Awards in the March 2016 issue of Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine.

Baby Its Cold Outside!

Well it looks like the colder weather is finally upon us. Now comes the time where every shop is playing Christmas songs, there’s wrapping paper galore and Christmas crackers everywhere you look!

So if you can’t face trawling through the busy shops to dress your growing bump, then huddle up in the nice and warm, grab a cup of coffee (decaf of course!) and browse our new winter range.

I’ve picked my top 3 must haves for this season:

1. Snuggle up with our new knitted striped jumper, it’s a perfect length to go over tights or leggings and looks fabulous with a pair of boots. It contains extra stretch so you won’t feel restricted like some knitted jumpers, prefect for when you’ve eaten too many mince pies!

2. Do you have a party to go to? Then have a look at our maternity and nursing dress. For just £27.99 you can dress it up for that office party, or Mum’s night out, then wear it with tights and boots day to day. With a hidden breastfeeding panel, it’s ideal for after birth too. Our models, Lisa and Kate are a size 10-12 and 18-20 so you can see it looks great whatever your size or shape!

3. If you’re looking for all day style and comfort, then these maternity harem pants are a must. With super stretchy viscose fabric and elastic ankle cuff, they fit neatly under your bump. They come in 3 leg lengths too, and at just £17.99 one pair will not be enough!

Have a look on our website for our other fabulous winter products, including an eye catching teal V-neck top and denim look leggings.

Striped Knitted Maternity JumperMaternity Harem Trouser Pants

Mumpreneur Award Finalist 2015

Were Finalists!

Elizabeth Brown Maternity are proud to announce that we have been put forward as a finalist in the Courage Category at the Entrepreneur Awards 2015.Finalist_badge copy_500px

So What is ‘Mumpreneur UK’?

Mumpreneur UK was started by two women who both fall under the category of “Mumpreneur”. Amanda Farren and Laura Rigney have 7 children between them, and have previously run their own individual award winning businesses alongside Mumpreneur UK.

Amanda and Laura came together to organise the very first Mumpreneur Conference in 2009, after finding other mainstream business events did not cater for the needs of mums running their own business. They have a genuine passion to support and celebrate others who are taking on the important role of juggling family life with starting up and running a business.

After their first event, they realised that the women they were targeting needed the support and resources they provided on an annual basis more readily available and set about creating Mumpreneur UK. The Mumpreneur Conference & Awards are a way to bring together those parents who are building businesses together to celebrate their achievements and the successes of others

Read more here:

Our Nomination – Courage Award

The Courage Award is open to those who have been through an extraordinary journey on their way to their business success. We know that there are plenty of business owners who have been to hell and back in pursuit of their dreams and now it’s time you receive the recognition you deserve.

As well as being shortlisted for this award, all finalists are in with a chance of winning the title of The Inspirational Business Mum Award 2015. The winner will be announced at the end of the awards ceremony, and will win a fabulous prize!

The awards ceremony is part of The Mumpreneur Conference 2015, which will take place on Saturday 14th November 2015. This event is a full day of speakers, seminars, networking and inspiration. Breakfast and a full two course lunch is included, and it’s the perfect opportunity for any parent in business to be inspired and find advice and support on how to grow their business, as well as being able to network with 200 like minded individuals.

You can find out more information about the awards here:

The Awards 2015

The awards take place on Saturday 14 November 2015 – wish us luck x

New Parents Survival Tips

With a dear friend of mine about to give birth to her first child, I thought I’d write my blog today, giving my ‘advice’ to new parents. Having had 4 kids you would think I’m a pro, but boy, with each child bought new and well erm, strange problems!

So here are my top ten tips for surviving becoming new parents (and the things nobody tells you!)

1. Poo. Yes it’s disgusting, smelly and nobody likes to talk about it, let alone deal with it when it comes from another human being. But yes, your life for the first few months with seem like one endless stream of dirty stinking nappies. Oh and please be prepared for a rainbow of colours from mustard yellow, to dark bottle green and everything in between.Sleep

2. Sleep – what’s that? Everyone tells you to sleep when they baby sleeps, but let’s face it, unless you’re a bloke that’s not going to happen. There’s bottles to wash, milk to pump, ironing piling up, the list is endless. The quicker you realise you’ll face the world on 2 hours sleep, the easier it will be all round. As they say if you don’t expect anything (like sleep) then you won’t be disappointed when it doesn’t happen. A quick word of advice for all you ladies, if you want to share the night feeds then accept the fact early that your other half will probably sleep through the babies screams. So if you want to take it in turns then be aware you might have to give them a short sharp jab in the ribs to wake them up. This will then save the 4am rows about why they didn’t wake up. (Just one finger, that’s all you need to jolt them back to reality, its tried and tested!)

3. Lower your standards. Let’s face facts, you’ll have this screaming, little bundle of pucking gorgeousness who will surprisingly take up every waking, and sleeping hour. DO NOT expect a clean house, or homemade meals every night (which takes me to my next point) it’s ok not to have a spotless home and if visitors mention the mess or have a moan, then pass them the hoover! There will however come a point where the dust becomes so thick you wonder what ornament lies beneath it, that you may need to put the baby down and pick up a duster. But in the first two weeks as a minimum – forget it!

4. Stock up on frozen food and chocolate. The last thing you will want to be doing is cutting peppers and onions when all you want to do is curl up in ball and cry, then sleep. Make sure you have food that you can bung in the oven or microwave for a quick and easy dinner. It’s not forever so don’t beat yourself up over it. And the chocolate, well no explanation needed.

5. Embrace the grunge look. Having a shower and wearing clean clothes may seem like a luxury the first few weeks. So don’t be hard on yourself if you’re still in your PJ’s at tea time. (Those PJ’s that have the bit of sick on each shoulder and the brown stain which you’re hoping is chocolate from the KitKat you stuffed for lunch.)

6. Be prepare for pain; be it the pain of trying to breastfeed, the pain of the ‘after labour soreness’ or the pain of feeling like your breasts are going to explode when your milk comes in. You will be tired, you will be sore, you will want to kill the next person who hugs you and presses on your new well-endowed chest. If you’re prepared then that’s half the battle, as it was a HUGE shock for me with my first, and well, erm my second! (I forgot in my lovely bliss state of pregnancy!) One of the worst, yet the funniest times for me was with my third child. My breasts were so full that when my little boy latched on the milk came in full force and choked the poor little thing. He spluttered and came off, but my boobs were still spraying milk everywhere to the point it almost sprayed to the other side of the room! I had to scream to my husband to get my something to catch it in! Oh the joys!GoAway

7. All visitors will come at once, or they will time it that so every time you sit down the door bell goes. Its sods law, you will either get all your friends and family turn up at once, so desperate to see the baby that you are so overwhelmed you contemplate hiding in the toilet. Or one visitor will leave and ten minutes later when you’ve just got the baby to sleep, another will turn up and that will be the same every day for 3 days. My advice, if you have guests, show them the kettle. Make them do a little bit of running around for you – milk it!

8. You will not need all those fancy clothes you bought in newborn size because they were so cute you couldn’t resist parting your cash for. If you’re not at the end of the pregnancy – put your credit card away! Have a few nice outfits and a whole lot of vests and baby grows. You will need the nice few outfits for when you eventually venture out to a baby group and want to show the other mums that you’ve got yourself together. (Not showing that you still have yesterday’s underwear on because you hadn’t done any washing other than baby clothes!) But mainly your gorgeous bundle will spend more time spitting up, which you can guarantee will be as soon as you put on the nice cute outfit. So stick with the nice, comfortable babygrows that can be chucked in the wash ten times a day.

Oh and do not even bother with baby tights. Not only is it like trying to put a snake in tights, it can cause more problems that they’re worth. When my daughter was 2 months old, I dressed her up in a beautiful frilly dress and tights for her Daddy’s birthday. My husband came home kissed us both and I passed her to him. As I did so I looked at her tights wondering why they were now yellow when they started of whi…t..e, oh dear! It was up to her neck and down to her toes!!

9. Breast or bottle, honestly it doesn’t matter. We women put so much pressure on ourselves to breastfeed that we spend the first few months miserable either trying everything we can to breastfeed, or living with the guilt that we gave our baby a BOTTLE! Arrrgh how could we?! Believe you me, from a mother of 4 kids, one who was completely bottle fed, one breastfed until 6 weeks then bottle, one half and half for 4 months and one who was completely breastfed for 10 months – It doesn’t matter! A happy healthy baby and a happy healthy mumma is the most important thing. Do not put expectations on yourself, breastfeeding it hard. Getting the right latch, engorged breasts, mastitis, growth spurts, cluster feeding, the list is endless. Sometimes you may even get a baby that refuses to latch, like my daughter, she just wasn’t interested no matter what I tried. But it’s ok, honestly, formula milk is not evil, so always have some as a backup and DO NOT beat yourself up if that is what you choose to do and DO NOT spend time defending your decision. Your baby, your breasts, your choice!

10. Last but not least, take photos, lots of them. They grow up so quick and those little moments you think you will remember, won’t always stay with you. So take photos of them, every step of the way. My children love to look back at pictures of them as a baby. Plus they always need one for a school project!

But even after the mammoth long list of my advice, the one top tip I would give you all, enjoy it. Embrace being parents, laugh at the silly situations you face together, make memories, be confident in who you are as a mother and the choices you make. But remember it won’t last forever! Be it good, be it bad, it will go in the blink of an eye. So when you’re so tired you can’t function, remember it won’t be forever and they are well and truly worth it.

The Life Behind The Company

ClockPanicIts been 7 weeks and 3 days of Hell! (and yes I counted them all!) But now my gorgeous, yet highly spirited children are back at school. Well 3 of them anyway. With the stresses of the summer holidays behind me I decided it was time to get down to some serious business, literally.

I’ve spent a long time thinking about Elizabeth Brown Maternity, what it means to me and where I want the business to end up. It’s been an incredibly tough year with HUGE learning curves but I’ve only just dipped my toe in the water. So with my new found oomph I have decided to keep a blog, to show me how far I’ve come and help remind me of my goals, maybe it might even be therapeutic.

So I thought today I would start by introducing myself and my little, well large, nutty family. There’s myself Kerry, 31 and founder of Elizabeth Brown Maternity. My wonderful husband Chris 33, who I don’t think sits down all day, apart from the evening when he’s busy doing website, techy things that I know nothing about. Due to my health problems I’m a bit limited, so we have a saying in my house, I do the thinking, he does the doing which kind of works for us!

Our large brood consists of our daughter E, 14, our first son N, 11, our second son L 4, and our youngest H, 2 and a half. We have 2 dogs, Phoebe and Joey and a tank of fish, who are forever breeding! (Silently sending up a prayer of thanks that I wasn’t born a fish!) Our house is loud, busy and just a little crazy. My youngest brother used to actually hum the circus tune when he came into our house, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.HomerSimpson_ElPoncho

Anyway the point of my waffling was about explain where my inspiration for Elizabeth Brown Maternity came from. When our oldest two were 9 and 6, I fell pregnant with twins, L&L. Being a size 22-24 I couldn’t find anything to wear and ended up wearing regular clothes in larger sizes which just hung of me like a tent, making me look fatter than I was. I hated it. I was pregnant, with twins, and I felt so special, I wanted to show off my bump, I was so proud. That’s when I started thinking about the need for everyday maternity clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.

Unfortunately, just over halfway through the pregnancy, I encountered complications and the twins were born prematurely. They did not survive. After a many months of grieving we decided to try again and we were lucky enough to conceive our wonderful rainbow baby L but I very soon came to realise the same problems existed; what to wear? I spent so much time moaning I had nothing to wear or just crying because I couldn’t find anything in my size, that my poor husband was lost as to what to do. So again up came my idea of starting a business offering women these clothes.

When L was 8 months old I was extremely shocked, yet incredibly blessed to find out I was pregnant again. I went on to have our youngest son H but had even more problems finding clothing that was suitable for nursing in my size. So when H was 6 months old, I bought a sewing machine and set it up in my conservatory. I became a regular at the local haberdashers and would spent any free time I had sketching and sewing until I had my first few items of my ‘collection’. I spent so many nights having to stop mid-seem to feed H, then try and carry on where I left off. It was exhausting but oh so worth it when I read the feedback from the many happy women who’ve purchased our clothes.

I have to say, not wanting to boast but I’m actually quite proud of myself. With the health problems I’ve got and 4 kids, I’ve pulled it off. I’ve actually got a business off the ground, now lets just see how far I can take it!

Wish me luck!

5 Top Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

Well it looks like summer might finally be upon us, but if you’re pregnant you probably won’t be enjoying the heat! So here are our five top tips for coping with the heat:

* Drink, drink, drink! It’s essential to keep your fluid levels up while you’re pregnant, and even more so during the warmer months. Remember to drink regularly as when you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, leaving you feeling dizzy, tired and faint. To help avoid this take a bottle of water with you when you go out and about and keep always keep a glass handy at home.

* Stay indoors when possible. It may be frustrating being stuck indoors, but when the temperature is high you are at huge risk of heat stroke if you go out in the midday sun. If you need to go out try and go in the morning or after 2pm. But staying indoors doesn’t have to be a bore, why not give yourself a manicure, or do a bit of online shopping. Have a look at nursery ideas, or baby names, or even better, treat yourself! Have a look at our new vest tops to help keep you cool.

* Invest in a fan, both big and small – You can buy a hand held fan from the pound shop, which is great to keep in your handbag for when you’re out. But get a larger fan to keep in the house for when the heat gets too much.

* Use cold flannels on your face, neck and wrists when you get too hot.

* Buy a sun hat and suntan lotion. It may sound obvious but the last thing you want while pregnant is sunburn. Your skin changes when pregnant so you may be more prone to burning. Make sure to apply suntan lotion approximately 30 minutes before you go out and wear a hat to help keep the sun off your head.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sunshine, but make sure you’re sensible. Becoming dehydrated or suffering from heatstroke can be extremely dangerous, so follow our tips to ensure you have a fabulous summer!

Our Top 3 Maternity Must Have’s

Just found out your pregnant and starting to show? Need more room for that growing bump? Or near the end of your pregnancy and in desperate need for comfort? Whatever your pregnancy needs, here at Elizabeth Brown Maternity we have it covered.

We began our collection in September with what we class as our ‘maternity staples’. Those items that every pregnant women needs in her wardrobe. In our recent poll leggings came out top as a pregnancy must have. They’re ideal for every stage and every season and at £12 you can’t go wrong. Our leggings are made from a heavier weight viscose than a lot of high street stores and are cut to allow plenty of room for your bump, lasting you the full 9 months (and beyond if you’re like me!).

Most women have a pair of jeans or two in their wardrobe, but soon you won’t be able to get that zip and button done up!  So why not invest in a pair of classic bootcut jeans? With a stretch bump band you’ll be comfortable all day. Try teaming it with one of our ruched T-Shirts for a great everyday look.

But it’s always worth thinking about after the birth and if you decide to breastfeed we have a range of items for style, comfort and convenience. Our maternity and nursing range has been designed to fit you throughout the 9 months while also concealing a hidden breastfeeding panel. A great investment to last you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Our breastfeeding top is now also available in black.

So come and check out our collection and stock up on those essentials to get you through the 9 months.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy pregnancy