5 Top tips for staying cool this summer


Well it looks like summer might finally be upon us, but if you’re pregnant you probably won’t be enjoying the heat! So here are our five top tips for coping with the heat:

  1. Drink, drink drink! It’s essential to keep your fluid levels up while you’re pregnant, and even more so during the warmer months. Remember to drink regularly as when you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated, leaving you feeling dizzy, tired and faint. To help avoid this take a bottle of water with you when you go out and about and keep always keep a glass handy at home.
  2. Stay indoors when possible. It may be frustrating being stuck indoors, but when the temperature is high you are at huge risk of heat stroke if you go out in the midday sun. If you need to go out try and go in the morning or after 2pm. But staying indoors doesn’t have to be a bore, why not give yourself a manicure, or do a bit of online shopping. Have a look at nursery ideas, or baby names, or even better, treat yourself! Have a look at our new vest tops to help keep you cool.
  3. Invest in a fan, both big and small – You can buy a hand held fan from the pound shop, which is great to keep in your handbag for when you’re out. But get a larger fan to keep in the house for when the heat gets too much.
  4. Use cold flannels on your face, neck and wrists when you get too hot.
  5. Buy a sun hat and suntan lotion. It may sound obvious but the last thing you want while pregnant is sunburn. Your skin changes when pregnant so you may be more prone to burning. Make sure to apply suntan lotion approximately 30 minutes before you go out and wear a hat to help keep the sun off your head.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sunshine, but make sure you’re sensible. Becoming dehydrated or suffering from heatstroke can be extremely dangerous, so follow our tips to ensure you have a fabulous summer!

Coral Maternity Vest Top
Coral Maternity Vest Top

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